About Us

It started as a home-based business in March 2002 and was accepting orders for birthdays, weddings, parties, blessings, and other special occasions, through phone calls and referrals.

In June 2002, Se Ben’s Authentic Cebu Lechon opened its first retail outlet at Save More, Mactan Marina Mall in Lapu-Lapu City.

Its secret recipe of about 15 herbs and spices truly enhances the flavors and puts it above all the other lechon outlets in Cebu.

Through the years, Se Ben’s Lechon has slowly become a household name among Cebuanos who know how the perfect lechon should taste. With continued patronage, Se Ben’s Lechon has become known as the best lechon in town with the famous caption “humok sa sulod, kagumkum sa gawas.” Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside.

In May 2008, with our continuous drive to become the no.1 lechon in Cebu, we open another outlet at the newly opened Savemore-Parkmall in New Mandaue Reclamation.

In November 2009,  another branch was opened at White Gold Club in North Reclamation Area Cebu City.

To continue serving our expanding clientele in Mactan Area, we opened On May 15, 2010 a Ben’s fastfood dining at Mactan Marina Mall in Lapu Lapu City.

We have been awarded as the “No.1 Lechon in Metro Cebu” by the National Shoppers Choice; “Most Outstanding Native Lechon” by the Philippine Marketing Excellence Awards; and “Best Native Lechon” with the seal of product quality by the National Product Quality Excellence Awards.